Our Service

Periodic inspection on chain block

We are able to provide full inspection on your chain blocks according ILO standards, and final test with calibrated testing machine inhouse




Test 100% SWL



Load Test

BG Safe can carry out load test at any weight with the use of water bags.
The use of waterbages is reccommended at anytime as the weight is gradually loaded.
This system is much more convenient that usual heavy blocks as can be easily transferred and the weight can be very accurate, measured by load cell or flowmeters.

Our equipment is build up in high tensile fabric, watertightness granted as for ISO 2231-89 and welded according UNI 8543 and 8544.



Annual and 5 yearly inspections

BG Safe core activity consist in the annual and 5 yearly SOLAS inspection of Life saving appliances on board of ships, since the beginning of Res IMO 1206 application, 2006. Since then technicians partecipated to plenty trainings held by LSA manufacturers:

Ned Deck Marine
(and SEC Davis)
Dongnam Marine
Zhenjiang Marine
Auxiliary works
Vanguard Composite
Qingdao Beihai
Tsuenishi, Sanyo, Kanbara Ringyo Wuxi Hai Hong,
Marland Lifeboats
Miura Machine and Miura Vider
Oriental Precision Norsafe Tsuji Mad Rock
Hyundai Manabe Zoki Watercraft Hellas Sekwang
Jiangyin Shi Beihai Mansei Badahi Young Nam
Jiangyin Xinjiang Shigi A-RIM Narwhal
ACEBI Nishi F and Ishihara Gurdesan DSB Engineering
Davit International Sekigahara Jiangyin Neptune Greben

After new amendements of resolution 1206, becoming IMO res A 1206/1 we have been appointed approved Service Company by several Flags, passing Audits from Italian Flag state, verifying our internal training program and personnel qualification as in compliance to Res IMO 1277.

Our Personnel, all of them fluent in English language, is continuosly trained on rules update, on root causes of accidents found on internet, on shared experience done on board, onthird party training both from LSA and Lifting appliance makers.

The instrument we use as report after the inspection, the FEED BACK, is a good way to explain our findings onboard, completed or left in progress, and good analysis instrument for the job validation, over for sharing possible solutions.

The FOCUS ON, mirror leaflet of Feed Back, is giving us good results in terms of crew training, as we noticed interest and understanding of inspection step while officer are following our job onboard.

This last instrument is part of our software, that allows us to filter informations by vessel/equipment, monitor future expiry dates, for the routine inspections, wire rope replacement date and vessel position, for a cost optimization of transport costs.

Our personnel, once onboard, is paying a good attention to details, and prove any inspetion step with pictures, required in second time for the back office double check, so that mistake possibilities are reduced to the minumum.



Fiberglass repair

Dedicated team for the GRP repair allows us to complete Flag accepted repair job, done with highes care and standards.

Approval of Service Suppliers Certificate



Immersion suits

Immersion suits inspection according MSC / Circ. 1047 and 1114.



Specific services on yatch

BG Safe can arrange test based on your needs, in low headroom cranes, new certified stailess steel rigging for rescue boat, and whatever you could need to test.




According Res IMO 1392, we can arrange the re hooking of your lifeboats installing OEM system, or apply release hook overhaul and modification.




How do we work

We take our job very seriously, and try to work on our customer’s vessel as we would do on our own boat.

For this reason part of our work is dedicated to pre-operations analysis to maximize on site efficiency and to be ready to supply the right spares, so equipments are fixed really fast. Company policy include the use of original spare parts and we maintain a well structured warehouse strongly managed with the most strict quality European rules (ISO 9001:2008 ) , including spare parts traceability.